The executive position of HDG current projects and future plans

Heliopolis Developers Group (HDG) reveals executive position of current projects and future plans, through the launch of a new residential project with investments of EGP 2 bn.

Chairman and managing director of the company “Tariq Abdel-Latif”, explained that more details on HDG’s next investment in the residential sector will be announced this year.

Moataz Abdel Shafi, managing director for technical affairs, notes that the company carried out works on its projects last year, at a value of EGP 200 mn.

He explains that all the exterior and interior finishing works, electricity networks, sanitation, air-conditioning and landscapes, of the first phase of Korba Heights project have been completed. Additionally, the execution of the second phase of exterior and interior finishes are underway and will be delivered in 2021. More than 29,000 meter cube of concrete for the third phase have been already executed. Third phase delivery-date is expected by 2022.

But regarding New Korba and Sarayat El Korba projects, all the works have been 100% done including services and landscaping. He further pointed out that all the finishing works are being completed in the Corbanta and Tivoli projects, and about 65% of the total number of purchased units have been delivered, with the residual to be delivered in 2021.

Mohamed Antar, the company’s customer service manager, adds that more than 2000 clients have been handled well, and installments have been scheduled for about 90% of clients who want to schedule their payments, as well setting deadlines for the delivery date.

He also indicates that the company has delivered more than 90% of the units in New Korba, and approx. 85% of the villas. Antar confirmed that New Korba buildings are in advanced stages of implementation procedures for permanent facilities.