About Us

We Do Great Works For Great Clients.

As a group of the largest and most successful real estate developers in Egypt, we have contributed over the past 25 years to the reconstruction of New Cairo with investments that exceeded 600 million EGP. We have a prominent role in drawing great attention to the New Heliopolis city as a distinctive location for the major companies to invest in. Our deep Knowledge and extensive experience in the real estate market enables us to respond effectively to its changing conditions and thus develop smart investment opportunities in the most exclusive neighborhoods.

At HDG, we are dedicated to the highest standards of quality in all of our massive projects. Our highly qualified team endeavors to make your realty experience profitable and create a meaningful and long standing relationship with our clientele beyond the sales process.

Our pledge to you

Our clients’ needs always come first!

We will do whatever it takes to turn your dreams of possibilities into reality and help you maximize your returns.

Our Mission

To offer our clients top notch services and bespoke solutions that meet their individual needs and requirements with a focus on the ideal location, and therefore achieving more progress and success. In order to reach our goal, we operate combining our values and experience with innovation and precision.

Our Vision

We strive to be at the top of real estate companies in Arab World by providing comprehensive and innovative services that add real value to our customers.

Our Core Values

To achieve the highest degree of success, we pride ourselves on these values:

We strive for the satisfaction of our clients, so we’re promising to deliver you the same as you have agreed on and even exceed your expectations.

Our ongoing mission is to focus on the best possible opportunities where we can establish competitive advantage and deliver exceptional results.

We are able to adapt and respond to the evolving needs of our client and we work hard to ensure that no detail is overlooked.

Our end goal is to offer you the highest standards of quality by using the best raw materials in all of our projects and make sure that you get the ideal unit.

We’re keen on purveying holistic real estate advice to empower our clients to make wiser decisions.

25Years Experience Working

Creating Places That Enhance The Human Experience

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