5 Reasons why to invest in New Heliopolis City

Property has long been a favorite investment option in Egypt; its relatively low-risk, has a decent return on investment and, with the booming population, just makes good economic sense. They key, however, is the perfect location of the property and the best time to buy and sell; getting both right ensures the safest investment with the highest possible money turnover.

Lately, there’s been growing interest to invest in new cities, especially those that are nearest the New Administrative Capital such as New Heliopolis City.

New Heliopolis City offers its residents a secluded luxury living far from the crowds. It contains a number of featured compounds and communities including Korba Heights, Korpenta, Medellin, Jewels, SODIC East, New Korba, Al Masa New Heliopolis, La Vida, etc.

New Heliopolis City – Map

Here are five reasons why you should consider investing in New Heliopolis City:

1- Strategic location

It’s perfectly designed in a strategic location near Suez Road, Ring Road which keeps the city away from the crowd and in the main time close to the vital areas in Cairo. Besides, New Heliopolis City is considered the closest to New Capital. As the headquarters of the Egyptian presidency and state institutions will be relocated to New Capitan soon, the prices of New Heliopolis City will increase over time which make it an ideal opportunity for investing. It is also just a few minutes away from Madinaty, Shorouk City, and Badr City.

2- Infrastructure and Quality

3- High quality services and facilities

4- A Green City

5- Flexible payment plans

All what you need to know about Korba Heights in New Heliopolis City

One of the most attractive neighborhoods in Cairo, is Korba, located in the Heliopolis district. The district is renowned for its architecture, and nowadays its impressive selection of cafes and restaurants, with a pedestrian neighborhood of shops with surrounded by villas.

Today, Heliopolis residents looking to escape the city’s hellish traffic and pollution have primarily eyed New Cairo. Little-less-known but equally impressive stands Korba Heights, HDG’s ambitious project in New Heliopolis that seeks to preserve Korba’s flare.

New Heliopolis, where Korba Heights is located, is situated between North Cairo and Suez, south of the Cairo-Ismailia highway, and is thus primely positioned and directly linked with Madinaty and Al-Shorouq. It is also quite close New Cairo, the new Ring Road and the regional ring road by which all new vital cities and all major highways can be reached.

Korba Heights spans over 42,000 sqm, giving birth to an unprecedented concept of real estate exceptionalism. Korba Heights achieves a unique and comprehensive vision for an integrated compound, with a spectacular location that links it with the city’s center.

The project is the first milestone for HDG, which has focused its efforts and expansive experience, in cooperation with housing and planning experts, to set the architectural and civilizational foundations of the project. The project envisions a self-sufficient city that combines the basic pillars of luxury living with practical and efficient planning that utilizes infrastructure to serve residents. Korba Heights offers disntictive designs for exteriors and offers living spaces of various dimensions to suit different taste. It also offers entry and exit gates to secure residents, vast green surfaces, and pedestrian and public sitting areas to allow residents to enjoy all aspects of the compound. The project entails 8400 sqm of green surfaces, with 40% dedicated to buildings.

The project is powered using solar energy and features an underground parking lot that fits 1100 cars. It also offers compressive maintenance for housing and facilities, including a SPA fitted with the latest equipment, an indoor pool, a playground and nursery for children, a pharmacy and clinic, a ballroom, and compressive commercial areas with restaurants and cafeterias. In addition to that, the project boasts social clubs and a supermarket.

The project has achieved notable success and the first and second phases have been sold, while the third phase is now on offer and is expected to be sold out within two months. The Suez Road will soon be developed into a highway and the project will be linked to the fourth phase of the underground metro.