5 Reasons why to invest in New Heliopolis City

Property has long been a favorite investment option in Egypt; it’s relatively low-risk, has a decent return on investment and, with the booming population, just makes good economic sense. The key, however, is the perfect location of the property and the best time to buy and sell; getting both right ensures the safest investment with the highest possible money turnover. Lately, there’s been growing interest to invest in new cities, especially those that are nearest the New Administrative Capital such as New Heliopolis City.

New Heliopolis City offers its residents a secluded luxury living far from the crowds. It contains a number of featured compounds and communities including SODIC East, Korba Heights, Corpenta, Medellin, Jewels, New Korba, Al Masa New Heliopolis, La Vida, etc.

Here are five reasons why you should consider investing in New Heliopolis City:

1. Strategic location
It’s perfectly designed in a strategic location near Suez Road, Ring Road which keeps the city away from the crowd and in the meantime close to the vital areas in Cairo. Besides, New Heliopolis City is just a few minutes away from Madinaty, Al Shorouk City, and Badr City, it’s also considered the closest to New Capital. As the headquarters of the Egyptian presidency and state institutions will be relocated to New Capital soon, the prices in New Heliopolis City will increase over time which makes it an ideal opportunity for investment in Egypt right now.

2. Infrastructure and Quality
It has been developed with great infrastructure, facilities and services to ensure the city is well maintained in the long run and avoid deterioration.

3. High quality services and facilities
New Heliopolis City features a wide range of services and facilities including Security & Guarding 24/7, schools, colleges, mosques, supermarkets, hospitals, pharmacies, nurseries, gardens, amenities and commercial areas, spa, and gyms.

4. Greener lifestyle
Another benefit of investing in New Heliopolis City is the healthy and green lifestyle that comes with it which is very important for climate resilience and the quality of life of its inhabitants as it reduces heat stress and contributes to better health and increased well-being.

5. Flexible payment plans
New Heliopolis City features a number of unique compounds that offer luxury living surrounded by spacious lavish gardens with more flexible payment plans and installment systems. You will enjoy the freedom to pay over a period of up to 10 years with a deposit starting from 10% of the total amount.

The bottom line

According to many real estate experts, the prices in New Heliopolis City will increase over time due to its proximity to New Capital. So, the sooner you purchase in New Heliopolis City, the higher return on investment you get.